Are Drain Cleaning Chemicals Harmful to My Drain

Drain cleaning chemicals are designed using various chemicals; some drain cleaners may be of a different solution than others. Drain cleaners are an ideal fix for clogged drains; however, care should be taken to properly read the directions so that the drain cleaner does not cause damage.

Some drain cleaners are manufactured from base materials that enable the substances to clear a clogged drain by dissolving grease, or other clogging materials present in the drain pipe. There are also oxidizing drain cleaners that consist of more volatile chemicals such as peroxide or nitrate chemicals. When these types of cleaners are used, there is a chemical reaction that loosens the clog, and then disintegrates it so it may move through the piping.

It is important for one to properly follow the specific product directions according to the drain cleaner the individual is using. Because of the chemical ingredients of drain cleaners, if they are inappropriately used, they can cause damage to the drains and piping of a home. The corrosive ingredients of specific drain cleaners are safe to use in conjunction with clearing clogs if used as directed.

The homeowner should observe the piping within the home to discover if the piping is PVC pipe, metal piping or older piping materials. Depending on each person’s unique situation, care should be taken when using drain cleaners. When drain cleaners are used as directed in conjunction with approved drains and/or piping, the drain cleaner will effectively dissolve and remove a clog without destroying the piping or drains.

Lastly, one should never use drain cleaner in a garbage disposal or other areas deemed unsafe according to the specific drain cleaner product. The individual may wear rubber gloves and eye protection if needed before applying the drain cleaner; this will help ensure that the individual does not get contaminated by the drain cleaner solution.

It is also very important that the person does not attempt to use a plunger in conjunction with the drain cleaner. Doing so may damage the piping, drains and cause a hazard due to drain cleaning chemicals being flung everywhere. After the person has applied the drain cleaner, they should adhere to the specific drain cleaner product directions for completing the process.

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